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Dealership Mechanics vs. Independent Shops

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Just like regular check ups with the doctor are required to maintain a healthy body, regular service for your vehicle is necessary to ensure your car is at its best. If you have any warning indicators on your dashboard, you may need to bring your car in for service near Toledo to make sure everything is okay. Victory Honda of Sandusky believes that bringing your vehicle to the dealership is a better option than an independent shop for various reasons. Take a look below to see why and then connect with us today to make an appointment!



Dealerships Mechanics vs. Independent Shops: Time

If you’re like most people in Elyria, you have a busy schedule and can’t wait days or hours for your car to be serviced. Because of the larger staff, dealerships can typically finish the job quicker than an independent mechanic, therefore reducing your sitting time. If your vehicle needs serious repairs, many dealerships offer loaner cars so you can continue about your day.

Dealership Mechanics vs. Independent Shops: Ease

Part of the reason dealerships are faster is also because of their accessibility to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Dealerships close to Lorain are more likely to have OEM parts in stock to fix your car immediately, rather than go through the ordering and delivery process that independent shops have to go through. Victory Honda of Sandusky has every part your vehicle needs so you can hit the road in Sandusky in no time. You also have the option of ordering parts online or calling us if you’re not sure what parts you need.

Dealerships Mechanics vs. Independent Shops: Knowledge

The mechanics at Victory Honda of Sandusky are trained experts in car repairs. Their vigorous training allows them to be specialists in understanding what your car needs and how to fix it properly. Most are veterans in the industry, and therefore have seen all types of vehicles and issues. Nothing can scare them away! If you live near Elyria, schedule some time with us so our mechanics can have a look at your vehicle and give it the boost it needs.

Victory Honda of Sandusky is Always At Your Service

Hopefully you understand the importance of going to a dealership rather than an independent mechanic to get your car serviced. The convenience Lorain drivers allows them to continue their day without worrying about how the car will drive after it’s been serviced. View our hours of operation online and find service specials for your next visit! We look forward to helping you maintain a healthy car!


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